Easy Shipping

AddaSite Store is a complete digital logistic solution that helps e-commerce businesses effectively track your inventory, orders, and shipments nationwide. We are an online platform that makes shipping faster, easier, and more affordable to the customers. Our mission is connecting people with goods and services that build opportunities and improves lives by providing convenience to the customers.

Our services include exceptional buying with every order you send and shipping your parcel safely. All the tools you need to exceed your customers’ expectations.Many items online were less expensive and have great discounts however, sellers and websites itself won’t ship directly to another area. This is the reason why AddaSite Store is here to help the client. We will face every obstacle with our customers and online partners. We are working as one. 

Nowadays, e-commerce customers expect delivery on time and in good condition. We can do that by letting you monitor your order as it is being completed with transparency and honesty. We are one of the fulfillment centers across the United States. Our network makes your business save a bunch of money and will increase your sales as well.

Purchase online as many products as you can in the U.S. and Europe and ship straight to your doorstep hassle-free. We will also make it easier to shop online and get started by signing up now at Add a Site Store. While browsing out from online stores, use your AddaSite Store address as the shipping address.