We accredit you to run your e-commerce business with fulfillment centers near you. 

AddaSite Store is a complete logistic solution that helps e-commerce businesses effectively track your inventory, orders, and shipments all over the United States. Nowadays, e-commerce customers expect delivery on time and in good condition. We can do that by letting you monitor your order as it is being completed with transparency and honesty. Connect to us your orders. 


AddASite Store is a committed third party site to ensure that we can meet your business’ needs. We handle the products carefully, so much more if they are fragile ones. When receiving the orders, we will also tag the product’s location to track your products easily.We help your e-commerce business by storing your inventory in our fulfillment centers. Once the product was collected, our team will inspect the durability of its packaging before letting the courier deliver it to its respective location. 


We deliver the order to your beloved customers from the nearest fulfillment hub.AddASite Store guarrantees the good condition of your orders timely and safely. We will get your goods where they need to be on time and safe. We help your orders arrived to your customers easier and more convenient.Local customers can have same-day delivery before cut-off time. If the order was purchased beyond the cut -off time, the order will be processed the next day.