STOP from always copy-pasting the shipping info into your chosen online website. Make AddaSite Store be your partner and link our address and we will do the rest.

What do we offer?

You can purchase your products on any site you want to shop then connect to us. From that point, you track your goods worldwide, door-to-door via our online store. Integrating your e-commerce business into our site is the right decision. to make your business grow more online. You can be sure that your purchase will be delivered on time.

Will this fit your newly start online business?

Definitely Yes! From established online business entrepreneurs down to small online businesses owners will be wholeheartedly catering to all your shipping needs here. We at AddaSite Store will rest assured that we will help your business grow more and increase the trustworthiness to your customer by giving you quality service.

 How does AddaSite work?

Choose from a broad selection of services online. Shop in bulk products and even small parcels and let us manage your shipment smoothly to your customers.