How can I order and wish to ship it internationally?

International shipping can be difficult if you don’t know the real process of dealing with strange carriers. You may end up spending a bunch of money on shipping fees if you have a lack of ideas on where to trust your orders. There’s a big possibility that you have a customer and want you to ship it outside of your country.

Despite the fact that dealing with some unfamiliar carriers might be complicated, international shipping can be very easy with the right resources tool or carrier partner like AddaSite Store. All you need to do is make our address be your address during purchasing online and be anxious free! Considered it as DONE. We will take the rest of it and assured that it will be delivered timely and safely.

How can I save on shipping fees?

It is undeniable fact that some carriers really cost much when it comes to shipping fee especially when it is international shipping.

This is where the AddaSite Store can help you save up to 80% of the shipping fee. All you need to do is to purchase a minimum of $100 products and BOOM! You are already qualified for discounts using our codes.

What if I lost my order?

In this kind of scenario, do not hesitate to CONTACT US right away. You can report the problem and submit your tracking number for us to solve it easier. It is our responsibility to track your order and delivered it to your customers!